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Babcock International is a multinational corporation headquartered in the United Kingdom. It specialises in managing complex assets and infrastructure. Although the company has civil contracts, its main business is with public bodies, particularly the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence and Network Rail. The company has four operating sectors, with overseas operations based in Africa, North Ameri


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"Long hours with no compensation, no bonus for hard work or results, overall morale of company is very low, high turnover, poor benefits, below average salary, employees just a commodity. Abusive senior management. North American operations likely going teets up."

Current Employee - Senior Business Analyst Consultant says

"much change and poor management and leadership"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Management care only for bottom line. managers have no skills people management skills whatsoever. Culture is sexist, racist, homophobic, promoting only those who reflect themselves, ie male, white, middle-aged. Ignore issues of any kind of difficulty that would require interpersonal skills to resolve. Recruit new staff through current employees, therefore very little diversity."

Former Employee - Accountant says

"Toxic Culture with no support. Each is to its own."

Former Employee - Training Team Leader says

"Shockingly low salaries and working you to the bone."

Current Employee - Engineering Technician (Auto Electrician) says

". Bonus scheme has been removed . Hours to complete vehicles have gone down . No payrise waited around 17 months for 4% increase we still haven't got the union got involved but to no luck its like bleeding a stone getting money from this business. . They create managerial jobs out of thin air paying them in access of 80k a year but don't want to give employees a few hundred pound. The place is a joke avoid it like the plague. . The way you are treated and the money makes you depressed"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Disrespectful, poor management, don't pay their bills"

Former Employee - NDT Surveyor says

"Terrible lack of confidentiality-salary details leaked to opposition"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Get out of NA because you have a bad reputation for not paying your bills. Companies do not want to do business with you because you don't pay your bills. There is a lot of favoritism and backstabbing. Everyone fears for their jobs so they are ready to back stab other staff. Everyone works in silos, management keep information to themselves and make employees look bad. Toxic environment. Just because they are British, they think they are better than Canadians and treat us like we are stupid. HR is part of the problem and contributes to the toxic environment."

Trainer and Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Dreadful clueless managementTotally unachievable KPI'sNo work life balanceUnappreciatedIncredibly poor salary for the hours expectationExtremely high staff turnover - speaks volumes!Leaving this shambolic companyNothing at sll"

eletromecanico (Former Employee) says

"A empresa é um lixo, salario baixo, sem beneficio algum, gestores despreparados, parece que pegam perdidos na rua e perguntam você sabe trabalhar com que ? se você não tiver experiencia vira supervisor que não precisa de experiencia.coordenadores que te falam se depender de mim funcionário não sobe de cargo. pena que não da para dar 0 estrelas.trabalho 12x36 então pode se trabalhar em 2 para completar a renda.tudo a empresa tinha que pegar fogo nesse lixo."

Eletricista de Manutenção (Current Employee) says

"A empresa não tem liderança gestores despreparados 10 supervisores para um eletricista ninguém pensa no funcionário não oportunidade de crescimento lugar horrível de trabalhar salário abaixo do Mercado e benefícios não existem .NenhumVr é de 20 reais mas descontam 100 reais do salário."

Assistente Administrativo (Current Employee) says

"Empresa Dinâmica excelente para trabalhar, equipe Unida"

General Operative (Current Employee) says

"I call it Babcock brothers and son .you have to family member or friend for you to have a chance for even to get a chance to progress. So like me will dream for progress. But I have to everything for the sake of family"

Commercial Officer (Former Employee) says

"lacking in care for employees, poor and negative management, teamwork to mch change. macho, competitive maangers. Not good for stress. Coleagues Ok. work for better companiesnegative, ignorant management & teamwork"

Workshop CET (Former Employee) says

"A company that shows no loyalty to it's workforce. Management will lie to you on a regular basis. They talk the talk on H&S but constantly fail to walk the walk!NoneToo many to mention"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Babcock mmmm where do we begin.... dont seem to employ ex forces very odd dont seem to interview qualified people very strange........................NoneHa"

Temporary Accounts Payable Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Not flexible, and not much training. No consideration if you have children, so they don’t seem worry if you are late leaving. Working environment isn’t great. Felt management wasn't very approachable"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"A good growing company however did not provide good work life balance and despite winning them further contracts, they did not seek to support work load increase"

Serralheiro (Former Employee) says

"Melhoras no salário e plano de carreira melhorar na questão de planejamentoSalário em diaMuito descontoPrezado ex colaborador, ficamos muito tristes que sua experiencia não tenha sido boa conosco. Por favor se puder falar diretamente comigo no canal da ouvidoria para eu entender melhor seus pontos e assim melhorar nossos processos também por favor entre em contato conosco pelo (11) 2104.1200 - Samantha Politano - Diretora de Recursos Humanos"

Compradora (Former Employee) says

"Empresa péssima de se trabalhar, gestores não dão a mínima, o que acaba sendo estressante e frustrante para funcionários. Não recomendoPrezada ex colaboradora, ficamos tristes que sua experiencia não tenha sido boa conosco e gostaríamos de entender melhor como podemos melhor nossos processos para sermos uma empresa melhor para se trabalhar. Se puder entrar em contato conosco por favor não deixe de nos Atenciosamente,Samantha Politano - Diretora de Rh"

Auxiliar (Former Employee) says

"Empresa q despedem sem motivo, te dão esperança e depois te despensas sem tu saber o motivo."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company. Full of promises they will never deliver, underpaid and overworked avoid avoid avoid. Worked for them for 5 years and the just feed you lies while you jump through hoops."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Was tuped over working on a military establishment in at RAF Northolt. Since day one there has been issues with pay. After a year still people are having issues. The wage for where we work is below average. Restructuring to cut corners and be more cost effective. Been running nearly 6 months down with out right amount of drivers. So being over worked and under paid. I would strongly advise avoid working for this company at all costs.NoneOver worked underpaid. No"

Mobile Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Clients are great When your on your own its like being your own boss Poor management No courses No updates re products Them and us culture Long shifts Rotating shift pattern (days/nights)"

POOL A CLASS WELDER (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, long periods away from home. Dirty and dusty. Work at heights and confined spaces. Bad accommodation and food when working away. To many politicsTravelingLong hours"

pipe fitter (Current Employee) says

"Babcock marine are not an engineering company. They are an asset stripping company. They ran my company into the ground taking as much profit as possible while not investing in the work force or the facilities. Once the work was finished they made no attempt to win new work. Feeding the workforce lies until the work was complete and they made everyone redundant. They also built a good reputation off the company i work for and then threw us to the wolves. I would never work for this company again"

Vendedor Externo (Current Employee) says

"Pior empresa em que já trabalhei. Uma Diretoria sinistra a começar pelo Financeirolocalizaçãotudo"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Unorganised Do not pay the wage advertised Staff members have attitude problems Owed suppliers a lot of money ,complaints everyday asking for their money. Ungrateful manager No benefits for staff No opportunity to move forward in that business Manager asking you to do things whilst on your lunch. Manager never there , taking apparent “business holidays” very often.NoneAs listed" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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